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Rates starting at $35/hour

Copy Editing

$35/hour — Copyediting includes grammar, spelling, and punctuation ONLY. This editing style is best for books that have had a thorough developmental and line edit. This is best when the book needs one final look through before the publishing process. 

Line Editing

$55/hour — This style of editing includes all features of a copyedit with the addition of syntax (the way the book communicates to the reader). This style of editing is best AFTER a developmental edit.

Developmental Editing

$75/hour — This style of editing is the most thorough and is necessary once an author finishes the manuscript. This style of editing includes a thorough look-through on the 5 elements of a story, dialogue, sub-plot, minor character development, word choice, etc. This style of editing is a necessary step in creating and polishing a book and should not be overlooked.