You can either enjoy the story or write the story everyone enjoys.

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The Creative Process


Copyediting |$0.01/word
Line Editing | $0.02/word
Developmental Editing | $0.04/word

Editing is where the magic comes out of any story. Where drafting gets the elements in line, editing makes them shine. Whether you need a proofreader or a content editor to really make sure the story makes sense, flows, and is intriguing to read, our award-winning staff has the expertise to make your book the best it can be.

Interior Formatting

Paperback | $350
eBook | $175
Both | $500

Custom formats available per request.

Formatting is where we take your word document and prepare it for reading on all eReaders, phones, and paperback formats. Typesetting and custom work (borders, chapter headings, etc.) are available per request.

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Cover Design

Paperback | $350
eBook | $175

FACT: 84% of readers say the cover is the first thing they to determine whether or not they purchase a book. Make sure yours grabs their attention with our comprehensive, customized cover design package. 


3-Page | $300
5-Page | $450
More | $600

Every author looking to make a career in writing (even if it’s part-time) needs a place to connect with your readers. Your website is the place where your fans will go to find out more about you, so it’s a critical part of your career. We create a responsive, mobile-friendly, aesthetic website you will be proud to present to your fans. You’ll be able to sell your books, offer specials, and connect with your fans to keep them wanting more.