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Products & Services


Products & Services


The Author’s Essential Writing Pilot

Our newest product for authors in the middle of the writing process or looking to boos their dead books. This is the exact guide used to create a page-turning book that went bestseller overnight on Amazon and helped create a $40K year.


The Work-In-Progress Completion Initiative

Want to know how to take your ideas or raw manuscript and create a page-turning book your readers will love? Click below to find out how.


Interested in being a full-time author?

Yes, there is money in writing. Yes, YOU can do it! How do we know? We used to be right where you are now. Click below to learn more about our Full-Time Author Formula and how we can help you reach your dreams as an author with YOUR books!

Self-Publishing Package

Do you have a finished manuscript that is ready for publication? Our self-publishing package is everything you need to have a high-quality product you can be proud to show to your readers.


Complete Packages

Do you want a comprehensive package that includes everything you need to write, publish, and market your books? Check out what we have on sale, and what we can do for your writing career! Click below to learn more!