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If you had The Chance to change someone’s life doing what you love to do…Would You Take It?


You’ve probably had someone tell you that you need to write a book. Maybe you’ve been through something not everyone has, overcome something that seemed impossible to overcome, been through a life-threatening situation and survived! Maybe people love the way you tell stories—verbal or written. Maybe you have the gift of stories coming to you in dreams.

If someone’s ever told you to write, well, you’re hearing your calling! But every day that you don’t do it, you’re leaving another person alone, unaffected, and possibly in danger.

You see, your words can make a difference, your story connects people to each other. It could be a fiction book or a non-fiction life’s story. You have the chance to change lives, to help someone heal, to save someone.

But you won’t make a difference if you don’t write!

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My name is Jonathan Miller II. When I was in high school, I was a skinny, shy kid who was always made fun of. I never stuck up for myself, I didn’t want the attention. Even a teacher joined in, basically telling me that I was worthless and wouldn’t amount to anything. I felt completely defenseless. My father and mother were separated, so I didn’t have a man in my life to bring my issues to for help. I felt like I was on my own.

But I was a writer, and I loved to read. Back then, it was Terry Goodkind who influenced me and taught me the first few moral tenets I would carry through my life in his book, Wizard’s First Rule. The story of Richard and Kahlan taught me about being a sensitive man, about falling in love, about people, about so many things. I loved those books so much, I still have them on my bookshelf today. I carried them through college, and any that were destroyed, I instantly replaced. I still read them, even though they’re now over 16 years old.

Those books inspired me to write and become a bestselling author myself. I was published through a publisher and on Amazon, I even started my own creative writing company to help others achieve their dreams. This was all fueled from one author with one book. And he has an entire series! I’ve made over $200,000 with a company I created myself, and it all started with a book I read.

Think about that for a second. An author inspired me so much that I built a life from reading his books. What if that author was you? How would you feel knowing someone was so inspired by your writing that it literally CHANGED THEIR LIFE?

Here’s the good news, that author can definitely be you.

So what’s holding you back?

Maybe you don’t think your writing is good enough. Maybe you don’t think you CAN write. Maybe you’re not writing fast enough. Maybe…life! Kids, husband/wife unsupportive, no time, WHATEVER it is, or maybe you’ve just plain given up.

Well, I’m here to tell you, there’s a solution.

Introducing the
Author Mentorship Program

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This program helps…

1) Improve your writing. Based on 20+ years of academic and creative writing expertise, this program will take your current skillset and polish it so you can deliver your story in a way readers will enjoy.

2) Get your motivation back. If you’ve STOPPED writing and can’t figure out why you’re stuck, this program will get you back to doing what you do best and give you the tools to keep yourself going.

3) Finish your book. The #1 reason a writer doesn’t become a successful author is because they never finish! This program will keep you writing and FINISHING your book(s).

4) 1-on-1 guidance. This isn’t the one-time editing and never-hear-from-you-again that you’re used to hearing about. You will have a real person mentoring you with improving your writing style and book.
Let me say that again: you’re going to have mentoring from a best. selling. author. to improve your skills.

Most writers are left to just muddle through it, and their books end up reading like that. You won’t make that mistake. You’ll have a real author giving you real skills that have been proven to work! Writing is an art, you must deliver it with skill. Now, you’ll have those skills.

Meet Real Authors Who Have Done It!

Desiree L Scott.jpg

Desiree L. Scott

Before iFlow:
Finished Manuscript
No book published

After iFlow:

7 Books published
Publishing Contract with Lavish Publishing

Amanda Fasciano Book signing.jpg

Amanda Fasciano

Before iFlow:
Finished Manuscript
No book published

After iFlow:

2 Books Published
Multiple Public Speaking Invites to Writing Conventions
Multiple Book Signing Events

Natalina Reis.jpg

Natalina Reis

Before iFlow:
Finished Manuscript
No published book

After iFlow:

10 published books
Writing contract with
Hot Tree Publishing

The only difference between you and THEM is they believed in themselves, worked with us, kept writing and finished.
They followed their dreams and reached for their calling.

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How does it work?

Once you sign up, you’re going to have access to the exclusive Author Mentorship page. There you will receive tools to help improve your writing that you can implement right now (explained below).

On this page, you will also have a link to send in your writing. It doesn’t have to be long, a chapter is fine. All you have to do is share your writing to us. We will review it and provide quality feedback to enhance your writing and show you how to improve. You see, we want to make sure you do the most important step in claiming your career and making a difference - write!

Included inside:


The Author’s Essential
Writing Pilot
($500 value)

You’ll get this short guide to further help you improve your writing, and who knows, maybe even open up your own business and help others.

Included in this guide is The Book Launch Success System™ which gives you a couple of things. First, it outlines what to do after your book is complete so you can have a book that is ready for publication. It also gives you a few strategies that helped me make that first $40K as an author! It won’t be a “get rich quick” scheme, but it will help you achieve the long-term success you need to make this a career.
(A value of $1000!)

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Essential Writing Tools
($500 value)

Various videos will be made available to you with more being added to give you more writing tools in a concise way you will be able to master in order to keep you improving as an author.

Tools included:

  • Writing the perfect narrative hook

  • Overcoming writer’s block

  • Creating scenes and worldbuilding

  • And more!

$2000 value included FREE!

Okay, so how much is this?

So, here’s the deal…this is NOT some magical program that’s going to make you a million dollars in a week. In fact, you’re only seeing this because you’ve proven that you’re serious about being an author.

You see, I can only work with people who are serious, who look at the reality of the situation and are not afraid to put in the work. Who understand that they are not perfect but are passionate about being an author and creating an effect on their audience.

This program is about making you the best author possible so you have a chance to do for others what Mr. Goodkind did for me (and, through me, for YOU). Is that fair enough?

Now, usually we charge $2999 annually for this service. After all, you’re learning a skill you’ll be able to implement and use to create a CAREER (possibly more than one) for the rest of your life. But this week, we want to have the highest number of authors we’ve ever had.

So today you can get the Author Mentorship Program
for $50/mo.

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Don’t Worry! You’re protected!

We’ve helped over 168 authors write, publish, and start their writing careers. I’ve learned enough to transform any story I get into one that grabs the reader and brings in glowing reviews. If, for whatever reason, you’re not satisfied with the service you receive, I’ll double your refund!

With this program, you’ll be getting a service that people pay tens of thousands for. The difference is that we have the track record to ensure that you’ll be getting mentoring from a real bestselling author who has built careers. What is that worth to you?

Now, we can only work with so many people at a time, so we can only open this up for the next 20 authors who join (if you’re seeing this, there are still slots open). After that, we’ll be closing this program down so we can focus on really giving them the best service possible. So, if you want that to be you, choose your program (monthly or yearly) and click the button below.

Author Mentorship Program {Monthly}
47.00 every month 275.00 every month
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Author Mentorship Program {Biweekly}
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Author Mentorship Program {Biweekly}
25.00 every 2 weeks 275.00 every 2 weeks
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Author Mentorship Program {Annual}
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Author Mentorship Program {Annual}
550.00 2,999.00
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Now, we really want to make sure we’re giving our authors the best we have to offer, so we can only take 50 authors IN A YEAR. Afterward, we close down the program until our authors finish and are on their way to making their careers, so don’t miss out!

You don’t want to miss the chance to make REAL change in the world. You could be the one who stops someone’s downward spiral through life. Don’t miss your calling because you didn’t write that life-saving, movement-creating book. Trust me, it really really does happen.

Enrollment opens: June 25, 2019
There are currently
: 43 slots left!


How does this differ
from “normal” editing?

Let me give you some numbers quick:

Copyediting: $800
Line Editing: $1600
Developmental Editing: $3200

(numbers based on pricing for 80K word book.)

That’s just for quality, professional editing, and there’s no guarantee your editors will tell you WHY they made the changes they made – which does you no good. Without understanding why, how are you ever supposed to get better?

If you think that’s high, how much does it cost for a Creative Writing degree? $13K - $60K A YEAR! Are you prepared to do that to learn how to write? And are those professors interested in using your writing style and improving on that? Because even if you attend, they aren’t going to personally mentor YOU based on YOUR writing style, YOUR voice.

Value: $57,600 minimum

4 years of college (on the CHEAPEST end) + Editing

We’re not trying to get you to commit to 4 years of anything (besides doing what you want to do). Those college courses won’t help you deliver your book. We are in the business of making successful authors who reach their goals.

Can I cancel when I need to?

Absolutely! Like we said, we understand that life happens. You can cancel anytime you need to, but our goal is to make it so that you won’t ever feel like you need to.

Who will be my mentor?

It will either be me personally or one of my staff with my company. Don’t worry, I would not choose someone I didn’t trust 100% with my own writing. If I trust them with my babies, I’d trust them with yours.

May I ask about more than just writing?

Sure! Our expertise is in the writing field, but we can advise you on more than just the creating of the book. We’re also a publishing company, so the publishing and marketing of your book is also something we know how to handle.