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Thank you for visiting! So, you’re here because you have a story that needs to be written. You might be an entrepreneur looking to create a product for your audience, you might be the survivor of abuse or extreme circumstances, you might have a story that people keep telling you you need to write but you’re just too busy to do it. Whatever the case, we’re here for you. But, first things first: how much is this going to cost me?

Honestly, ghost writing is not cheap. If you look it up, you’ll find that ghostwriting costs anywhere from $10,000 US dollars on up for a reputable ghost writer. There are other prices, and we’ll go into what you get with those low-enders in a little bit. Why does it cost that much? Well, let’s break it down.
Most people write books on the computer with a software like Microsoft Word. The average person types at a speed of about 40 WPM (words per minute). The average non-fiction adult book is 50,000 words. The average book takes anywhere from 2 months to 7 months to plan, write, edit, format, design, and publish. You might see a ghost writer offer a ground breaking $5000 to write a book, but that draft will likely be extremely rough, and you’ll be responsible for the rest of the process. What’s the rest? We’ve mapped it out for you:

Developmental Editing (to make sure the structure makes sense): $0.08/word x 50,000 words = $4000 USD.
Line Editing (to make sure your story communicates and the reading makes sense): $0.04/word x 50,000 words = $2000 USD
Copyediting (to find any last errors and make sure nothing embarrassing sticks out): $0.018/word x 50,000 words = $900
Formatting (to put your manuscript into book form for paperback and eReaders): $800 USD
Book Cover Design (to make sure your cover is professional, grabs the reader, and entices them to read): $800 - $1500 USD
So the AVERAGE cost to get the book published professionally is $8500 - $9200. (IF you type the book yourself!)

Now, most people have a job or are running a company that requires anywhere from 65 to 90+ hours a week. Not to mention sleep, family time, maintenance for your house and company, any emergencies that come up, all of that is going to take away the time you have available per week. And eventually, you put the book off and it’s never written or published. Also remember, you’re not making any money as you spending time writing your book. Unless you have a plan on how to do everything, it’s not a smart business decision. In the mean time, the people you can really inspire, the people who might NEED to read your story will never receive it.

You KNOW you have a great story to tell, so rather than trying to tackle the minimum 2 month task of writing alone, you can hire us to ghost write your book for you. We type at the professional level of at least DOUBLE the average typing speed (80-90 WPM), we have the experience in creating books (we’ve helped over 168 authors write, edit, and publish their books—see reviews below), we won’t just write your manuscript and dump you to figure out the rest (we’re a full-service company), and we are going to work WITHIN your schedule, rather than trying to add on top of it. Your down payment covers the first 10 hours of work. All we need is a few hours a week (we like a minimum of 2 hours).

So, to make it simple for you, here you’ll have everything you need to not only write your book, but actually get it published with professional quality. PLUS, you’ll get a discount on every single service you need from the writing on up. You won’t have to find a new company, you won’t have to pay average costs, you won’t have to scramble to figure out how to write the book, you won’t have to worry about the process. At the end of every session you’ll get a copy of the book so you can see the progress every day. Any changes you want to make will be made at the next session. With us, you’re in complete control with a reputable company that knows the process and will deliver a book you can be proud of.

Below you will find samples, pricing, and information on our ghost writing team!
If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us with the links below.


Note: Works are copyrighted and may not be duplicated or reproduced without expressed permission from the author.

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Jonathan Miller II has been writing creative and academic works for over 20 years. He is an Amazon Bestselling author and now focuses on helping authors pursue their passions and fulfill their dreams.


John Alexander aka Coach John has over 15 years of experience in screenplays, novels and business plans. Mr. Alexander has written for over 50 clients ranging from screenplays to business proposals and has worked with various studios, publishers, producers, directors, agents and investors with a strong creative vision combined.

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How much is ghostwriting usually?

Ghostwriting usually costs no LESS than $5000 (here’s a link on costs). We understand that not everyone has that kind of money, but they still have a story to tell. After the booking fee, we charge by the hour so that telling your story won’t break the bank. With a quality book you’ll be proud of, you will be able to showcase your story to whoever your audience is — whether it’s family or a speaking engagement for millions.

How does this work?

Usually the author schedules a few hours a week to work with the ghostwriter to tell their story. At the end of every session, the writer reviews the session and then sends it back to the author for their review. We do this for two reasons:

  1. So the author can see the progress made every day, and

  2. So the author can ensure that the writing is communicating the way they want it to.

If there are any changes that need to be made, the author can address them with the ghostwriter on the next scheduled session.


What others have to say about working with us:

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I appreciated the honest and thorough feedback! No one wants to put out a substandard book and inflow gave me great insight to make my creation better! I would recommend to any writer who wants to get better!

— C. Michael Fraze

Loved working with iFlow Creative on several projects. I highly recommend them! 

— Alesha Escobar

Jonathan was great to work with, easy going, approachable and never letting his personal life enter into the equation. I will be using him again.


— Yvon Dakota

Absoulety Astounding Advice! Very affordable! I purchased the membership and have found the material crucial into pulling me out of writer's block. Great helpful tips to keep your words flowing! Highly recommend! Very pleased.

— Kimberley ferren

Working with iFlow was extremely refreshing! All my time lines were met and they are definitely affordable.
I recommend them highly!! Five Stars!!!!

— Gilbert Coleman