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How To Build A Mailing List (Quickly)!

As you probably know, the best way to make money nowadays as an author (or business owner) is by building your mailing list. Why? Because your mailing list is full of people who have confirmed that they like what you've offered in the past and are willing to learn about what you have to give in the future (otherwise they'd unsubscribe). Why do you think big businesses STILL use them? Building your mailing list is essential to your writing career. Here's a short post with a few ways to start a new mailing list or build on one you already have.

1) Create a high-quality offer

People don't want to buy from anyone who offers a deal that's too good to be true or too poor to capitalize on. As an author, you have a book (or at least a part of a book) that you can offer in exchange for an email. If you create an offer that makes your readers salivate (like a free book & 25% off another), you will have more emails than you know what to do with in time.

2) Don't worry about unsubscribers

Consider unsubscribers extra spaces for REAL fans. Don't worry about them. There are going to be people who appreciate your work one month and don't like it the next. Everyone has their own preferences. Keep doing what you do, create great offers and books for your potential fans and you will keep building.

3) Send your fans things they can share with others

The best way to attract more attention is to give your fans something they'll want to tell their friends about. Viral video creators have mastered this. They create funny, shocking, heart-jerking or powerful videos that people want to share with their friends. You don't necessarily have to create a video (although they convert more than anything else nowadays), MEMEs also have this mastered. So, create content for your fans that they can show their friends. If you're really clever with it, you can send their friends back to your website or fan page and get them to subscribe to your list as well.

4) Stay true to yourself

Keep this in mind: your fans are interested in YOU! They like YOUR book, YOUR profile, YOUR words. So stay true to yourself. Change is good, changing yourself is great as long as you do it on a self-determined basis. Just stay authentic. Your fans will appreciate you as you are, not as some mask.

I hope these are some tips you can take with you and implement today to build the biggest money-making tool for authors and businesses. Here a few ECRM (Electronic Customer Relationship Management) websites that offer free services for building your mailing list:

Constant Contact

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