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5 Ways to Increase Your Book Sales

The #1 problem plaguing writers nowadays is not seeing significant returns from their books. Without going into too much boring detail, here are 5 ways you can increase your book sales and take more control of your writing career.

1) Develop your mailing list
You've probably heard or read this before, and it's worth repeating because it's really that much of a money maker. People who are in your mailing list have agreed (on some level) to be contacted by you again. In other words, they're interested in what you have to give. So give them something. You should send a newsletter with what is new, what's coming, and offer something special to them for reading. Do that 2 times a month at most. Other than that, anything special that happens should be sent to your list as well. It might be slow going at first, but if you keep up the consistency, you'll soon have a list of 1,000+ people who want to read everything you put out. Get involved with your list! These are your true fans!

2) Offer a sale (on your website)
Yes, you should have a website. You know the reasons why – if you don't, you can sell your book, add a link for your mailing list, MAKE MONEY, etc. on your website. Now you don't want to do this often, otherwise people will just wait for your sales before buying, but offering a sale is a great way to get some fast cash for your fans who LOVE sales. What kind of sale? Free shipping, 10 - 50% off, BOGO (buy one get one), or even offer an entire series at a discount. The list goes on. If you offer it to your mailing list, all the better.

3) Use your resources
As with any career, you can't do it by yourself. Especially something like writing. You're going to have to use everything you can to make this thing happen. You're on Facebook, you have contacts, and some of those contacts might have expertise in what you need. So use your resources. Facebook is a GREAT way to get in contact with marketing & promotion people, cover designers, and more. Contact them and see what they do and how they can help you.

4) Consider a change
If you have a book that's been sitting without making sales for a while, consider making a change with it. Look at the interior, maybe it needs editing. Maybe the cover is turning people off. 80% of readers look at the cover to decide whether or not their going to buy (the cover and then the blurb on the back). Maybe you need to change the blurb to make your reading more enticing. Don't be afraid to present the same book in a new, more engaging way. Anything is better than nothing. Why not give a book new life rather than letting it sit and make $0?

5) Hire an expert
Whether you need a new cover or a boost in marketing, there's a company out there that can help you. Do a search for exactly what you need and RESEARCH before hiring them. You might have to spend a bit of money, but you have to invest in your career if you want to have one. If you don't have any money, offer something in exchange. If you like what the company has to offer, bring in another author with you to double your chances. Every company likes making money. If you can help them do that, they might be more inclined to bring you on without a huge investment up front.

These are a few pointers for you authors out there. Here's another little bit. 97% of people are employed by the 3% who never gave up. So don't give up! Keep grinding. Learn from your mistakes, and keep on!

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