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Allow me to introduce myself! My name is Jonathan Miller II. I’m the President of iFlow Creative. First things first, why should I listen to you? Fair question. Rather than explaining what we’ve done, let me show you:

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I appreciated the honest and thorough feedback! No one wants to put out a substandard book and inflow gave me great insight to make my creation better! I would recommend to any writer who wants to get better!

— C. Michael Fraze

Absoulety Astounding Advice! Very affordable! I purchased the membership and have found the material crucial into pulling me out of writer's block. Great helpful tips to keep your words flowing! Highly recommend! Very pleased.

— Kimberley ferren

Loved working with iFlow Creative on several projects. I highly recommend them! 

— Alesha Escobar


Working with iFlow was extremely refreshing! All my time lines were met and they are definitely affordable.
I recommend them highly!! Five Stars!!!!

— Gilbert Coleman

Jonathan was great to work with, easy going, approachable and never letting his personal life enter into the equation. I will be using him again.


— Yvon Dakota

So, I’d like to give you something that every writer and author is going to need to be successful in this business. I’m going to GIVE you the way to hook your readers and keep them engages. Here’s a key bit of info: it won’t matter how many times you’ve gone over your manuscript, how many hundreds or thousands you spend on editing, if these 3 things aren’t solid, you’re not going to go very far as a writer.

I’m normally not this blunt, but I’m an editor. The way I see it, my authors are not going to get better unless I’m honest with them. I’m being honest with you now. If you’re not a household name as an author, if you don’t have a reading list of over 1,000 TRUE fans who will buy everything you publish, this applies to you. Now, here’s the good news: we know the formula and we’ll give it to you for free. Here’s the better news: it’s easy to implement, even if you’ve published the book already.

All you need is $5 and to SHOW UP! We’re having a writer’s group meeting on Sundays at 5:00 p.m. In that time, we’ll be discussing things like this, how to craft a narrative hook that will get your readers to actually BUY your book (and we can prove that it’s the narrative hooks that get readers to press the “Buy with 1-click” button), and more! If you don’t learn anything in the group, I’ll even give you your money back.

Below you will find samples, pricing, and information on our ghost writing team!
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Jonathan Miller II has been writing creative and academic works for over 20 years. He is an Amazon Bestselling author and now focuses on helping authors pursue their passions and fulfill their dreams.

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