How To Make Your Writing Dreams Come True


Are you having a hell of a time writing your story? Did it start out like a house on fire, but your characters soon stopped talking to you? Or maybe you’re worried that your plots don’t or won’t make sense (and truthfully you’re afraid to send it to an editor because they’ll see it). Maybe you’ve even finished a book and it’s just sitting there, collecting dust, never published, no cover, never coming alive. You know you should do something with it, but what? And how do you know it’ll even be good?

Even worse, these obstacles are further validated by all the chatter you hear from authors you know. The path to success seems overbearing. There’s SO much information about authors who made it, how to market, how to become a bestselling author…how to live out your dreams. But it all seems too far away, too expensive, too much work you don’t have time to do… and on top of all of that, you might be dealing with people telling you “There’s no money in writing,” and “Nobody reads anymore,” and “You’re wasting your time. Go get a real job.” Maybe they’ve even convinced you that it’s true. You see the evidence all over the place that it’s impossible to make life-supporting money as an author, especially if you’re just starting or unknown. With everything stacked against you already, why even try?

Yes, it IS possible. No, you’re not a terrible writer. You CAN have a career as an unknown author — become a KNOWN author!

How do I know? I’ve been there—an author with a dream, a book, no sales, and a dark cloud of doubt looming over my head. That was before I made a change that resulted in my first $40K year, a bestselling book OVERNIGHT, and my first confident year doing something that I wanted to do…something I loved doing — that I’ve always loved doing. And now, that blueprint is available for you!


With this guide I was able to become a successful author, open a company, and create a lifestyle around fulfilling my dreams.

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I started writing when I was ten and was first published in my twenties. I was actually picked up by a publisher, and I did it all by myself! I struggled through the editing process, had it looked over by an editor, queried SO MANY agencies and publishers before I finally received a yes (it happens just like you always hear—seemingly thousands of rejection letters and depressing thoughts of doubt before you finally get positive news). When the publisher sent the contract, I was overjoyed. Here it was, a real contract with a real publisher. My book was published in 2012, and I happily told my network that I was an official, traditionally published author.

November 8, 2011…I received one of the best emails of my life!

See The query letter that got a yes!

After 7 years of writing, my baby was finally being published. When I received my author copy in the mail, I cried. The dream came true, it was real. The hard work had paid off…

Only, it hadn’t…

You see, there was another aspect of being an author no one told me about — marketing. I had no idea I even needed to do it. Everywhere I looked, authors were saying, “Get published by a publisher. Then you’ll be a real author.” What they didn’t say was that authors still had to be active with their own marketing. I didn’t even know how to have a book signing event. I thought the publisher would handle all of that. Some do…the ones that are making millions off their authors and see the benefit of planning those events out. But no one told me that.

My first book bombed! 7 years, and I made $28 from it. I was so disappointed, depressed, I felt like I’d wasted over half a decade of my life working on this book. The truth is, I hadn’t. I simply wasn’t aware of the things that I needed to know to have a successful launch (“You don’t know what you don’t know”).

My passion to be an author, a successful author, was strong, though. I wasn’t about to stop. I did some more research and self-published my second book. I wanted to see the difference. I’d been picked up by a publisher before, so I knew I had at least that much talent as an author. I wanted to see what I could do on my own. I paid multiple people to edit the novella, got it formatted, had someone create a cover for it, invested in various places. On release day, I clicked ‘Review and Publish’, and went to bed. The next morning, I woke up to this…

It went so well, I hit top 3 on Amazon in 3 different categories, completely on my own! I’d cracked a formula that helped me get REAL results. I could control the price, the ads, the MONEY! Not just for this book, but for any book I would write.

Imagine being able to create a book that you know will have bestseller potential. Imagine knowing you have a book that is enticing, gets amazing reviews, AND makes you money. Money that will make you proud to say you’re an author, not mentioning it as an off-handed remark of a spare-time creative endeavor.

Reviews like this:

Introducing The Author’s Essential Writing Pilot™.

Inside, I discuss the precise tools I used to overcome confusion and doubt, obtain clarity in something I only thought was a dream, and become successful!

So here’s what you’re going to get with The Author’s Essential Writing Guide™:
“The Page-Turning Storybuilder Blueprint™”
This guides you through the writing process, including how to craft your plot based on your writing style, creating realistic dialogue, sensory settings that place your reader in the scene (rather than you just telling them about it), and more! {$2497 value}

The Book Launch Success System™
Avoid the mistakes I made that cost me thousands and took years off my career. This guide will give you the very techniques, services, and tools I used to create my first $40K as an author. (If you’re interested in being a self-publisher, this will allow you to make as much money as you want with however many books you publish. {$997 value}

Extra Editing Tips & Teaching Videos
Along with this, you’re going to have exclusive access to videos giving you various other writing tools (such as Narrative Hooks and how they are essential to grabbing your readers, marketing tips, why you should ALWAYS write, and more!). {$197 value}

total value = $3691

How is the value so high? Good question. It looks like it’s too good to be true, right? Well, let me tell you something. People pay me $2497 to write their books for them, and I use EVERY TOOL that is in this guide. So, you’re grabbing the very techniques I use to make thousands of dollars writing books. I’ve used this with all of my writing, with the way I edit my clients’ books, with my ghost writing, I’ve opened up this company using it as a stable datum, and…

…I’ve made over $40,000/yr with it.

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Think about that for a second. You will be getting the very tools I used to create a business, a career, a lifestyle. This guide is worth tens of thousands of dollars for me.

Then why is it priced so low? Because I know that a lot of beginning authors are going to need to invest THOUSANDS of dollars on their books. Between editing, formatting, a cover, marketing, it adds up QUICK. Most don’t have a lot of money, and more don’t even know they have to have it. I know what it’s like to feel that overwhelm. I want to give you a guide that will help you navigate through the process, know what to do next, where to focus your attention and dollars, and give you options to get your books the quality they need without breaking your bank account. Life keeps being life, whether you’re an author or not. I had to muddle through. With this guide, you won’t have to.

Think about what YOU could do with a blueprint to making $40K with your dream job. Think about what that would mean for you, for your family. Think about how you would feel knowing anytime you got stuck, discouraged, doubtful, you had the very thing that would get you through it and on to making an impact in your life, in your readers’ lives.

Today’s Added Extras

When you get on board with the writing pilot, you’ll receive a coupon code on your author portal page (which will come to you via email). This coupon code is good for 50% off on a professional edit which you can use for your book or give to a friend to have their book edited at HALF the normal price. {$900+ value}

You will also have my personal email address to submit pieces of your work for review! I’ll give you feedback and personally help you improve your story. {$600 value}

Grand Total value = $5191

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Our Guarantee

I remember being that writer with a hope and a dream, never thinking I could really do it, but hoping I could. I remember all the study, the writing and rewriting, the doubt, the struggle, and I created this guide so you don’t have to do what I did. That’s why I personally guarantee that if this guide does not help you improve, increase your sales, and create better books faster than you’ve ever created them before, I’ll DOUBLE your refund.

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You’ve come this far. Don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime, don’t waste precious time like I did. I could have had so many more books written in the time it took me to write one . I could have been making $40K a LONG time ago, probably would have changed my life much sooner than I did. Don’t make those mistakes. Take control of your writing career. Learn the things they don’t tell you. Don’t let false data keep you from living out your dream. You CAN be a successful author! You CAN make life-changing money writing your books! This guide will show you how. Get it today, and I’ll personally help you get there.


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Jonathan “J.K.” Miller II is a bestselling author, creative writing coach, professional musician, and entrepreneur.
(Check out the reviews for his bestselling book, The Narrow Three).

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