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Our 3-Tier System


Yes, there IS money in writing books!









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These are salaries for authors and writers from 2014 to 2018. The last one is the PayPal account for our company president, all of which he earned in writing and selling his books LAST YEAR. We wanted to start with this so you can handle the people who say “there’s no money in writing.” What they mean to say is “I can’t make any money in writing.” The proof is right there; someone has certainly figured it out.

There’s money in writing. GOOD money. LOTS of money. There’s money in being an author. There’s money in being a screenwriter, a poet, whatever you want to do.

But it takes WORK.

A lot of hard, smart work. You can take the route most inexperienced writers take: try and muddle through it on your own. You can hire the wrong people, go cheap, get cheap, and hope to get lucky. How often has that ever worked out? How many people win the lottery versus how many buy a ticket? How many times did you just fall into a new car, a house, a job, learn a skill? Was it luck, or did you put the work in to make those things happen?

FACT: This is going to be one of the most time-consuming, money and energy-draining things you can ever do IF you try and figure it out on your own. You’re going to have to spend some money to make this happen. Think about it: if you won’t even invest in yourself, why should a reader?

So, now you know the money’s out there. It IS possible to earn a livable wage with your books. How do you make it happen? How do you get your book ready for the readers who are waiting for it? How do you take your ideas, hopes, and dreams, polish them to page-turning quality, and market it to the readers who will enjoy it the most? How do you make enough to financially support your passion so you can write more to keep your fans happy (and you will have fans)?

Easy: you find someone who knows what they’re doing. In short, you hire us!

We are iFlow Creative, a creative writing company that helps authors live their dreams. Our dedicated team has taken writers with nothing but pipe dreams and hope and turned them into bestselling, award-winning authors who are now invited to writers conferences, schools, radio shows, book signing events, and more!

With us, you don’t have to worry. We have a 3-Tier System designed to take you from wherever you are in your writer’s journey and elevate you to the next level.

WIP Completion Initiative

(Usual time: 1 month+)

The WIP Completion Initiative is our answer to writer’s block and overwhelm. Do you have an idea for a book but writing isn’t your strongest area? Have you started a book but can’t seem to get your ideas down clearly?

In the WIP Completion Initiative, you will be connected with a qualified ghost writer on our team who will help you organize your thoughts and communicate them clearly to the reader. We’ll help you create complete characters that your readers can connect with. We’ll help develop your plot so that the storyline is enticing for your readers. We’ll help you create sensory scenes and settings that place your reader in the book. We’ll help build your conflict to hold the readers captive until late into the night.

And you won’t have to come up with $2500+ for it.

Complete Author Package

(Usual time: 1 month+)

If you’ve completed a manuscript, written a book that isn’t doing well, or finished the the WIP Completion Initiative, the Complete Author Package is your next step. Here, we take your manuscript and prepare it for publication. There are 2 paths you can take in this package: The Self-Publishing Path and the Traditional Publishing Path.

If you choose the Self-Publishing Path, you will receive professional editing, interior formatting and cover design for eBook and paperback as well as publishing on Amazon.

If you choose the Traditional Publishing Path, you will receive professional editing, agency and publisher research to find the best fits for your career and genre, and query letter preparation. Together we will find the perfect agency or publisher for you. We won’t stop until we do.

Full-Time Author Formula

(Usual time: 3 months+)

This is where the money is made. In the Full-Time Author Formula, we will take your complete, published book and market it to your readers. We will organize your new releases to maximize your sales on release day. We will take your published book that isn’t doing well (and discouraging you) and level it up, bringing in money for you rather than being a liability to your bank account.

Whether you want to have someone take the marketing over completely or teach you the essentials so you can truly take over your writing career, the Full-Time Author Formula has the blueprint to give you what you want and need.

What our authors say:

Over 168 authors trust us with their books!

With iFlow Creative, wherever you are in your journey, we have what you need to take your writing career to the next level.

If you need someone to help you with the creation and writing of your book, we’ve got you covered.
(Costs $2500+ on your own.)

If you need professional editing & proofreading (from multiple editors), it’s done. (Costs $500+ on your own.)

If you need interior formatting done correctly so your readers can enjoy reading your books without the distraction of words randomly appearing out-of-whack, you’re in the right place. (Costs $300+ on your own.)

You’re going to get a custom, creative, aesthetic cover based on your ideas for your book that grabs your readers from the moment they lay eyes on it. (Costs $250 - $500+ on your own.)

You’re going to have your marketing and publishing planned correctly so you’ll have the best chance to make the most from your books. (Costs $500 - $5000+ on your own.)

Now, if you’re paying attention, you see the “on your own” costs. Guess what: those are the cheap prices (where you can still get the professional quality you need from people worth their salt). Add it up. That’s what you’re looking at on your own. For those of you who aren’t great in math (I mean, we’re writers, right?) that’s a MINIMUM of $4,050. Can you afford to do that? Most writers can’t, especially if you’re just getting started or have published under 3 books.

This is where we come in. With us, you have a comprehensive service and won’t need to go anywhere else. Whatever you need, you’re covered here for less than what you’ll be able to find on your own (if you want professional quality).

Get excited, because everything’s about to change!

Welcome to iFlow Creative, author! Now, let’s get started!

Work-In-Progress (WIP) Completion Initiative {Hourly}
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Work-In-Progress (WIP) Completion Initiative {Hourly}
2,500.00 5,000.00
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Work-In-Progress (WIP) Completion Initiative

Do you have an idea for a story, but writing isn’t your strongest point? Are you working on a book but you just can’t seem to break through the writer’s block? Are your characters “not talking to you anymore”?

The WIP Completion Initiative is designed to get your book, in whatever stage it’s in, completed. Whether you need someone to walk with you chapter-by-chapter so you can stay motivated and see the forest through the trees, or you want a ghost writer to take your ideas and turn it into a book – and everything in between – this program is for you.

Services Include:

Story Analysis
Character Analysis

Ghost Writer
Beta Reader

(A value of $2500+)

Complete Author Package

If you’ve finished your manuscript and are looking for the next steps in the process, the “Complete Author Package” is what you need. Our highly-dedicated, award-winning team is efficient, competent, quick, and friendly. With a combination of over 45 years experience, we have the background to get the job done in a professional, aesthetic manner that will leave you happy and hungry to show your work off.

Services Include:

Query Writing

Professional Editing (Content, Line, Copy & Proofreading)
Interior Formatting (for eBook & Paperback)
Custom Cover Design (for eBook & Paperback)

(A value of $1700+)


Full-Time Author Formula {Monthly }
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Full-Time Author Formula {Monthly }
275.00 every month 835.50 every month
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Full-Time Author Formula

The most important part of your writing career is summed up into one word that causes authors the most headache: MARKETING! It’s the make-or-break of your success as an author. If you make a mistake here, it could cause you to waste hundreds, thousands of dollars, hours, and tears. So we’ve created a program to take it off your hands. In the Full-Time Author Formula, you have the option of learning marketing from a bestselling author OR we will take the marketing off your hands and allow you to do what you do best: write.

Services Include:

Promotion (Amazon, Facebook & More)
Ad Creation & Execution
Event Scheduling
& More…

Website Creation
Social Media Analysis & Integration
Fan Finder

Skeptical? Been burned before? We understand. We’ve been there. We know what you’re going through – what you’ve been through. Every week we have to deal with authors who have been taken advantage of or told they should be doing something else.

Let’s say we fast-forward to a year from now. Where do you see yourself? Are you working the same job? In the same groups watching your fellow writers who believed in themselves and took the chance find success? Are you wishing you’d taken that chance? The chance is here for you, right here, right now!

You have the passion, you have the drive. Believe in yourself. We believe in you. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be here.

See you on the other side!