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Your search for a competent company to complement your writing career is officially over! Get everything you need to start, finish, and make career money from your books right here!

You're not a cookie-cutter writer, so you don't get a cookie-cutter service. Our staff is dedicated, determined, and skilled enough to provide the high-quality, professional services you need for your books.
Our 3 Tier System is second to none!
WIP Completion 
For the authors who are starting or in the middle of their stories and suffering from writer's block! Here you will receive everything you need to get back to doing what you love!
Complete Author Package
For the authors who have a work completed and are ready to become real authors! Here you get the services you need to polish and publish your story in the most presentable way!
Full-Time Author 
Our #1 program for writers looking to be career authors, the Full-Time Author Formula is our most successful program for writers looking to make real money selling their books!
"You can either enjoy the story,
or write the story everyone enjoys."
~ J.K. Miller II, Founder 
We don't just do it for you
With iFlow Creative, you WILL improve each time you write! 
Once you become one of our authors, you'll have access to writing tools & techniques:
Narrative Hooks
The importance & anatomy of Narrative Hooks!
Comma Usage
No, more, comma splices!
Professional Book Formatting
We'll teach you how to format books. We make $97 - $150 per task, and it takes us under an hour! (side-job alert!)
Worldbuilding U
Create real worlds your readers will love!
Understanding & Building Your Characters
NOTE: They drive the story, not your plot!
A dedicated team you can trust! 
We don't stop until you hit your goal!
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